The Great Trip all Pamirs, Tajikistan
Type of tour:15 days of landscaping jeep tour in Tajik Pamirs combined with3day trekkingand 1hiking in GizeiveBartngday. In this tour, you get to see both great massive valleys of Pamirs, Murghab, Wakhan and Bartang.
Trekking in the Pamirs and adventure with a jeep, Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan
This tour is designed those who would like have combined tour such as more treks and less jeep ride. Thus, it offers mix package, first landscaping with car and acclimatizing to the climate. 
Bike tour in Tajikistan, Pamirs
Over past two years the Pamirs Guides has been organizing bike tour along Pamirs highway, Tajikistan. The Pamir Guides are highly recommended, among other tour agencies, for this kind of tour due its experience and high quality of service. 
Fan Mountains via the Pamirs      
This tour is designed such that it allows a quick look at the Pamirs starting from Osh via the Allay valley. Having conducted jeep adventure we shall visit Zaravshan mountains where we have 3 days of trekking in the Fan Mountains. The tour ends in Dushanbe after having adventures in the Fan Mountains.
Nomadic Trek: Trance Alai Range (Kyrgyzstan)
This tour is designed for those who would like to have yurt to yurt tour (Trek and Horse Ride) in greener pastureland of Alai valley of Kyrgyzstan. This tour offers extensive trekking around trance Alai Range in Alai valley. The area elevation extends from 3000 to 7000 meters high above the sea level.
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Wild Life Safari and Trekking tours (Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan)
This tour is designed in a combined way or, in other words, full package tour which includes safri of Marhor and Marco Polo with intensive trekking in Zor Kul area and Zighar. The tour starts in Dushanbe and via Pamris, Wakhan and Eastern Pamirs, continues to Shaimak area, Chinese and Afghan side of Tajikistan, and Kara Kul to Osh city of Kyrgyzstan.
Yak riding in Eastern Pamirs of Tajikistan
This tour offers yak ride in Zorkul area of Eastern Pamir and some night in the camping and yurt.  This tour offers Bashgumbez area, which close to Alichor village. It is the last village and remotest area of Eastern Pamirs.
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Adventure from Osh vis Pamirs to Dushanbe
11 days of tour starts from Osh Kyrgyzstan via Pamirs to Dushanbe, the capital of Tajikistan. This tour is designed for those who would like travel by jeep starting from Osh, Kyrgyzstan, making the Pamirs and ending in Dushanbe and with some hikes in special areas.
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Pamirs of Tajikistan trekking in Wkhan and Zorkul lake
This tour offers several days trekking in Pamir, Wakhan and Zorkul area, on the borders of Afghanistan, Pakistan and China. It is the remotest area of Tajikistan for trekking. We organize horse rides in Pamir Alai valley of Kyrgyzstan.  Some parts of the tour are done by jeep.