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Pamirhigh way trip Tajikistan ending Osh (Kyrgyzstan) per person 499U$D transport cost.  

Estimate Duration: 11 days of tour stat from Dushanbe on 5th of May 2024. maximum 4 traveler sharing Jeep cost. 


  • Jeep 4WD Vehicle (Toyota Land Cruiser)

  • Speak English Driver


  • Double/twin Accommodation according itinerary

  • Breakfasts // Lunches or form of picnic // Dinners as per itinerary,

  • All sightseeing as specified in the itinerary;

  • 1.5 ml bottle of mineral water per day during the jeep tour.

  •  International Airfares;

  • Medical & travel insurance;

  • Single supplement (as stated in table above);

  • Camera and Video charges during sightseeing (if applicable);

  • Personal expenses (alcohol, souvenirs etc..)

  • Money transfer commission

  • Personal shopping (Handcraft so on)

  • VISA & GBAO permit for Pamir region


Type of tour: This tour is Jeep tour with daily hiking on west Pamir, East Pamir and Pamir Alay valley.


Major Destinations: Dushanbe by Pamirhighway Kalihumb-Rushan-Khorog-Ishkshim-Langar-Jartygumbez hotspring - Murghab - Osh

Group size: 4 people

Notice: Best season to visit May - October. 

1 Day Welcome – Dushanbe 

9:30 Breakfast.  10:30 welcoming you Dushanbe airport. leaving to sightseeing in Dushanbe: Dushanbe is capital of Tajikistan.  With its wide avenues and modern buildings, this city of 800.000 inhabitants, located in a multi-ethnic region, has, despite its young age, beautiful museums and lively markets. The name in Tajik means "Monday", in reference to the usual market day in this region. The National Museum of Antiquities presents interesting collections from pre-Islamic times (Greek, Bactrian, Buddhist, Hindu and Zoroastrian). The Gurming Museum of Pamiri Music Instruments is exciting, with demonstration and performance.  

2 Day By car : Dushanbe - Kalaikum - 370 km / 7-8 h, 1 night) via   Norak, Dangara, Hulbuk, Kulob

7:30 Breakfast. 8:30 Leaving Dushanbe, the road leads to the Pamir Range, in remote areas that experienced the civil war between 1992 and 1996. The inhabitants lead a rough life in conservative manners, but the hospitality is a rule of gold. On the way Hulbuk Fortress, from the 3rd century BC. Including Hulbuk Art Museum. Past Shurabad Pass (2267 m.) You follow the river Amu Daria (Oxus). Shortly before Kalaikhum, we enter Badakhshan. Several differnet ethniks are living in Badakhshani  Elevation in the night 1300m

3 day By car: Kalaikum – Jizeive (260 km / 7 – 8 h, 1 night)

8:30 Breakfast. 9:30 Departure. The road follows the river Pianj (Amu Daria), which borders Afghanistan. On one side, an asphalt road and cement-bricks houses. On the afghan side, just 100 m away, mule tracks and mud houses. After drive to Bartng valley. The valley is amazing with huge high mountains and narrow valley along the Bartang river. Today hiking to Jeziev valley. We will cross the bridge start hike up 2.5 hrs. to Jeziev, the village is very nice, near small lake. You will see few families there, Very nice hospitable people, We will stay lockal home stay in small Jizeive valley. You will meet with local people. Elevation in the night 2400m 

4 day By car &  daily hiking: Jizeive - Khorog (120 km / 3 – 4 h, 1 night)

8:00 Breakfast. 8:30  Departure. Morning after start back down to walking 2 hrs. to the main road & drive to Khorog, the capital of Gorno-Badakchan Autonomous Province, is nestled in a mountain pass. Khorog is a small town along the Gunt river, dinner free time to visit the center town of Khorog. Elevation in the night 2200m  

5 day By car: Khorog - Ishkashim – Langar - (250 km / 4-5 h, 1 night)

8:00 Breakfast. 9:00 Departure. Visit of the Khorog Regional Museum, it presents some very interesting objects. We go to the Pamir Botanical Garden that is the second highest botanical garden in the world. Late morning departure from Khorog for the amazing open-air thermal baths of Garm-e Chesmeh. Road continues to Ishkashim, border village at the entrance to the Wakhan Valley. It is also the name of the corridor decided by the Russian and British empires to create a buffer corridor between their areas of influence. A splendid view is offered with on one side the chain of Pamir, on the other the summits of the Hindu Kush with Noshaq, summit culminating at 7492 m. In the night 2500m  The thermal baths of Bibi Fatima whose clear water comes out of the rocks and promises an ideal relaxation. The road goes up the Wakhan corridor to Langar.  View of the Karl Marx Peak (6,723 m) and Engels Peak (6507 m.) Elevation in the night 2900m 

6 day By car: Langar – Yshilkul lake - Maljuuran hot spring (140 km / 5-6 h, 1 night)

7:30 Breakfast. 8:30 Departure. In the morning, discovery of petroglyphs upstream of Langar. (30 minutes’ walk) The road heads over the Khargush pass (4344m). to Alichor aria (3,800 m). After leaving the valley of Wakhan and the Pamiri ethnic groups, we are in the high mountain, the terrain is desert and rocky in a region slightly inhabited by nomads Kyrgyz in Pamirs. The desolate nature is strikingly beautiful and at night the stars seem at hand. We drive along the Pamir River. On the other site is Afghan Kyrgyz. Some time you could see them along the river. Departure to a small, settled summer pastures of nomadic Kyrgyz. The terrain here is desolate but grandiose. One the way we will visit Bulunkullake and Yashilkul lakes, As we leave the lowland, the terrain here is desolate but has a stark beauty to it. Landscapes of both lakes are magnificent. This is where you could literally see the difference between western and east Pamirs, the terrain and social and environmental landscape changes. Night in yurt and near by natural hot spring pool. Elevation in the night 3800m 


7 Day By car: Maljuran – Ak Zoo Lake - Jartygumbez (walking  / 4-5 h, 1 night)

7:30 Breakfast. 8:30 Departure, morning on the way visit of a geyser in East Pamir during the Soviet times, the areas were extensively used to grow livestock cultivation yaks & ships in Alichor valley. Visit Alichor Mosque. Further drive to Chatir-Tash summer pasture. On the way stop at Akbalik holy lake, sacredness embedded into ecological meaning. After 30 km drive to Bashgumbez start our trek to Akzoo lake, on the way will cross the pass Kara Seky (4500m), very beautiful view of the mountains. On the way will see marmots and have a picnic in the beautiful nature. You will witness nomadic life and enjoy the hospitality in Kyrgyz nomads, you will arrive in Ak zoo Lake you will meet your driver and drive to Jartygumbez hot spring for seeing Marco-Polo sheep and enjoying the amazing views. Elevation in the night 4100m 


8 Day Full day in around Jartygumbez  (Thermal bath & Photo safari Marco Polo)

7:30 Breakfast. 8:30 Departure. We continue our photo safari. Morning we will start  towards to Zorkul lake through Cheshtobo valley, This place is high but it is beautiful to see the famous lake Zor Kul, known as the Victoria lake. It is spectacular and We will see Marco Polo sheep along the way. After drive to Aydin Kul Lake. After photo safari drive back to Guesthouse. Amazing rest & enjoying to stay in the guesthouse enjoying the hot spring and the pool. Elevation in the night 4050m 

9 Day By car: Jartygumbez – Murghab - (120km / 4-5 h, 1 night)

7:30 Breakfast. 8:30 Departure. We continue our trip. On the way to Murghab we will stop for photo at Kuu-Tatirbel pass (4300m). We visit Shakhty rock paintings (4200). It dates back to Neolithic period. Three very similar figures are placed underneath the last animal. This representation has been compared to the clavicorn figures of Paleolithic art. The famous Russian archeologists, Ranov has done much research on it. It dates (8000-5000 B.C.) Further drive to Murghab via Shorbulak observatory viewpoint to see the Muztag peak, 7546 m., in China. Then visit a Meteorite Crater. The populations are occupied by the breeding of sheep and yaks. Late-afternoon, we arrive to Murghab. Elevation in the night 3550m.

10 Day By car: Murghab – Lake Karakul – Tulpar Kul  (270 km / 6-7  h, 1 night)

8:00 Breakfast. 9;00 Departure. Morning depart for Karakul lake. The view of the mountains and glaciers during this trip is simply breathtaking. The Ak-Baital pass ("white horse") marks, at 4655 m, the highest point of the trip. It follows a 70 km descent to the highest lake in Central Asia. Lake Karakul is at 3915 m and is the largest lake in Tajikistan (380 km2). This lake was formed about 10 million years ago and is situated in a desert landscape because the rain in this region is very rare. Visit Kara-Art solar calendar of Sak people (bronze age). Further drive to Kyrgyzstan over the Kyzyl-Art Pass (4282m) to the border between Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan. where Sary Mogol village near the Lenin peak 7000m, view of the Alay range is so beautiful for a stunning panorama of the Pamir Alai range. Further drive to Tulpar Kul lake. time to walking to the hill will be beautiful scenery of Lenin Peak. Elevation in the night 3200m.

11 Day By car: Tulpar kul – Osh -  (260 km / 3/4 h, 1 night)

8:00 Breakfast. 8:30 Departure. Early morning drive to Osh. The north Alai range and its colors are just too nice. En route, we will cross the Taldyk Pass (3554m) and enjoy some beautiful views. We travel from Sary Tash and we expect to arrive in the afternoon to Osh, Osh oldest citys in Kyrgyzstan. Free time to explore the city. Osh is ancient – various sources date it back around 3000 years, and legends abound over who founded it, including Alexander the Great and King Solomon. On the edge of the Ferghana Valley it is home to both Uzbek and Kyrgyz people, with its position on the border giving rise to an extremely lively market, one of the most interesting in Central Asia. The rock known as Solomon’s Throne is an important place of pilgrimage for Muslims, and a 15th century mosque on the top has now been reconstructed, with excellent views of the surrounding countryside. Elevation in the night 1100m.

Items to bring with you

  • Sleeping bag & Liner sheet

  • Thermarest mattress

  • Rain gear

  • Down jacket & Windbreaker

  • Water bottle

  • Daypack

  • trekking socks

  • Sun hat

  • Gloves

  • Sun glasses

  • Sun cream with high protection - lipstick

  • Flashlight or headlamp

  • Water purification tablet of water filter

  • Personal medical kit

  • Camera & extra battery for the camera.

Temperatures: please note that there can be large variations in temperatures. In the daytime it can be very hot and a thin layer of clothing will be comfortable but long sleeves protect will you from the sun’s rays. At night, it can be cold so a layered approach is best. Predicting temperatures is very hard but they could range between 5°C and + 25°C. Rainfall in the Pamirs at this time of year is not expected but dust storms are. Please take a waterproof layer just in case.

“Other custom-designed tours can be planned to meet your needs or wishes.”

Price & date on request

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