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Pamir, the road of the clouds      

Type of tour:   This tour is designed such that it allows a deep look at the Pamirs starting from Dushanbe and finishing in Dushanbe. Having conducted jeep adventure we shall visit all historical and cultural place in the nature of beautiful Pamirs Tajikistan.

Major Destinations:  Dushnabe – all Pamir arias - Dushanbe

Estimate Duration: 14 days in total, during the tour you may short walking each day after Khorog.

Group size: unrestricted

Notice: Best season to visit these areas is May to September.

Day 1    Arrive Dushanbe. Transfer to hotels (2 nights)    Hôtel Serena 5*


Day 2 9:30 Breakfast.  10:30 leaving to sightseeing in Dushanbe, Tajikistan, is the youngest capital of Central Asia. It was not until 1925 that this village of the Gisar Valley, populated mainly by mountain people, was designated as the new capital and was named Stalinabad until 1961. With its wide avenues and modern buildings, this city of 780,000 inhabitants, located in a multi-ethnic region, has, despite its young age, beautiful museums and lively markets. Moreover, his name in Tajik means "Monday", in reference to the usual market day in this region.

Morning: visit Hisar. Guide Neymatullo French speaking

The National Museum of Antiquities presents interesting collections from pre-Islamic times (Greek, Bactrian, Buddhist, Hindu and Zoroastrian). The Gurming Museum of Pamiri Music Instruments is exciting, with demonstration and performance.   Lunch at 13:00 in Merve in the Center Dinner at 18:30 in the Park Pobeda restaurant 


Day 3 Dushanbe - Kalaikum (370 km / 7-8 h, 1 night)  via Norak, Dangara, Hulbuk, Kulob               Hôtel 3* Karon Palace

               8:00 Breakfast. 9:00 Leaving Dushanbe, the road leads to the Pamir Range, in remote areas with beautiful landscape. The inhabitants lead a rough life in conservative manners, but the hospitality is a rule of gold. Past Shurabad Pass (2267 m.) You follow the river Amu Daria (Oxus). Shortly before Kalaikhum, we enter Badakhshan region. The Badakhshani are most mountaineering aria. Each corner is amazing views.  Lunch at 12:30 in the Vose restaurant in Kulob Dinner at 19:00 in the Orion restaurant


Day 4 Kalaikum – Khorog (260 km / 7 h, 1 night)           Hotel Pamir Palace 3*

8:30 Breakfast. 9:30 Leaving The road follows the river Pianj (Amu Daria), which borders Afghanistan. On one side, an asphalt road and houses on the other, just 100 m away, mule tracks and mud houses. In the village of Rushan, we see a small (kala) castle in the center of Rushan from the time of the 3-5th century AD.Then drive to Khorog. 1h Khorog, the capital of Gorno-Badakchan Autonomous Province, is nestled in a mountain pass. Lunch at 13:30 in Khalod small tea house after Vanj Dinner in the  Delydarbar Restaurant at 19:30


Day 5 Khorog - Ishkashim (120 km / 4-5 h, 1 night)        Home stay  Bahodur is this the 2nd place, Munira H S

8:00 Breakfast. 9:00 Leaving The Khorog Regional Museum It must be open presents some very interesting objects and the Pamir Botanical Garden is the second highest botanical garden in the world. Late morning departure from Khorog for the amazing open-air thermal baths of Garm-e-Chesmeh. Road continues to Ishkashim, border village at the entrance to the Wakhan Valley. It is also the name of the corridor decided by the Russian and British empires to create a buffer corridor between their areas of influence. A splendid view is offered with on one side the chain of Pamir, on the other the summits of the Hindu Kush with Noshaq, summit culminating at 7492 m. Pic-nic at 13:00 in Garmcheshme Dinner at 19:00 in Bohadur restaurant 


Day 6 Ishkashim – Langar (135 km / 4 h,1 night)            homestay Misha

8:00 Breakfast. 9:00 Leaving On the way to Yamg, near the Namadgut village on a rocky platform, stands Khaakha Fortress, from the 3rd century BC. A little further away is the interesting Ismaili shrine "Ali Shrine". The village of Yamg is in the middle of the fertile Wakhan Valley. A small museum is dedicated to Sufi Muborak-Kadam, a poet, theologian and great traveler. Excursion to Yamchun with its amazing Zoroastrian fortress and the thermal baths of Bibi Fatima whose clear water comes out of the rocks and promises an ideal relaxation. The road goes up the Wakhan corridor to Langar. Accommodation in a traditional Pamiri house. Lunch at 13:00 in Yamg Home stay Dinner at 19:00 in the Homestay


Day 7 Langar - Alichur (180 km / 6-7 h, 1 night)              Overnight  Sheer’s Inn

7:30 Breakfast. 8:30 Leaving In the morning, discovery of petroglyphs upstream of Langar. (30 minutes walk) The road heads north to the Khargush and Nauzetash passes to Alichur (3,800 m). View of the Karl Marx Peak (6,723 m) and Engels Peak (6507 m.) After leaving the valley of Wakhan and the pamiri ethnic groups, we are in the high mountain, the terrain is desert and rocky in a region slightly inhabited by nomads Kyrgyz and Pamirs. The desolate nature is strikingly beautiful and at night the stars seem at hand. Pic-nic at 13:00 Before  Kargush pass along the lake Dinner at 19:00 in the Sheer’s INN


Day 8 Alichur – Bash Gumbez - Murghab  (160km / 4-5 h, 1 night)         Hôtel Pamir

8:30 Breakfast. 9:30 Departure to a small settled village of nomadic Kyrgyz.The terrain here is desolate but grandiose. The valley is nice. There are many summer pastures where nomadic Kyrgyz graze their livestock. We continue our trip on the Pamir Highway to Murghab. The populations are occupied by the breeding of sheep and yaks. Meeting of women weaving kilims in their house. Departure to the pastures of Chatyr-Tash, below the village of Bash Gumbez. Large gathering of shepherds' yurts. Possibility of yaks riding. On the way we visit Shakhty rock paintings (4200). It takes back to Neolithic period. Three very similar figures are placed underneath the last animal. This representation has been compared to the so called clavicorn figures of Paleolithic art. The famous Russian archeologists, Ranov has done much research on it. It dates (8000-5000 B.C.) Further drive to Murghab via Shorbulak observatory viewpoint to see the Muztag peak, 7546 m., in China. Then visit Meteorite Crater. Nature is immense and man feels microscopic. The populations are occupied by the breeding of sheep and yaks. Mid-afternoon, drive to Murghab Pic-nic at 12:30 in the Yurt Dinner at 19:00 in the Saidali’s house   


Day 9 Murghab – Lake Karakul ( 135 km / 3 h, 1 night) Home stay Sadat

7:30 Breakfast. 8:30 Departure. Morning visit Murghab, Bazar then drive to Kara kul lake. The view of the mountains and glaciers during this trip are simply breathtaking. The Ak-Baital pass ("white horse") marks at 4655 m the highest point of the trip. It follows a 70 km descent to the highest lake in Central Asia. Lake Karakul is at 3,915 m and is the largest lake in Tajikistan (380 km2). This lake was formed about 10 million years ago and is in a desert landscape because the rain in this region is very rare. Visit Kara-Art solar calendar of Sak people in bronze age Lunch at 12:00 in Sadat Home stay in Karakul / Dinner at 19:00 in the Sadat Home stay 


Day 10 Lake Kara-Kul – Pasor (180 km / 8 h, 1 night)       Home stay Ozod

7:00 Breakfest. 7;30 departure Morning drive to the impressive and wild Bartang Valley:on the way visit Sak’s grave and solar calendar V-VII BC, Kok Jar pass, Road are becoming          Pic-nic at 13:00 on the way in Kokjar Dinner at 19:00 in the Ozod’s home stay


Day 11 Pasor – Barchadev (60 km / 3 h, 1 night)               Home stay Rozik

7:30 Breakfest. 8;00 departure Morning drive to the impressive along the Tanimas river:on the way visit Savnob, Roshorv. From Roshorv walking down to Yapshor.        Lunch at 13:00 in Yapshorf  / Dinner at 19:00 in the Home stay Rozik


Day 12 Bartang – Khijez – Jizev (70 km 2 h, 1 night)         Home stay in Khijez

8:00 Breakfast. 9:00 Leaving Just after Barchadev, we leave an open-air museum of geology. A beautiful 3-hour walk will take you to the balcony of Jizev located at 2500m. 3 lakes succeed and animate this beautiful landscape. We will spend the night at the edge of the 2nd lake, in the very pleasant mountain in of Gulsimo. Dinner at 19:00 in Homestay Gulsimo

Option: for non-walkers: Khijez valley at Rawmed, parallel to Jizev. Night in guest house Gulshaeva Munira in Khijez. Pic-nic at 13:00


Day 13 Khijez – Jizev  - Rushan (70 km 2 h, 1 night)         Guesthouse Raisa

8:00 Breakfast. 9:00 Leaving for hiking along the lakes. Pic-nic. During the afternoon of the day, descent to the bridge over the wild Bartang River to meet the other group Lunch at 13:00 in Rushan Resturant / Dinner at 19:00  in Raisa guesthouse


Day 14 Rushan – Khalikum  (200 km 8 h, 1 night)             Hôtel 3*Karon Palace

8:00 Breakfast. 9:00 Leaving for Khaalaikum along the Panj river again. Lunch at 13:00 in Kalaod small tea house before Vanj / Dinner at 19:00  in Orion restaurant


Day 15 Khalikum  - Dushanbe (320km 9 h, 1 night)          Hôtel Serena 5*

8:00 Breakfast. 9:00 Leaving for Dushanbe over the Sagirdasht pass. It is most beautiful valley and many villages, Rogun dam.  Lunch at 13:00 in Tabeldara in small tea house Dinner at 19:00  in Buhara restaurant


Day 16 Morning Leaving for Dushanbe international airport. Drive 15 min.


 Good bye Pamirs, Tajikistan

We hope you had a wonderful time in the Pamirs. Today you will fly back to your country. We are always glad to have you back in the Pamirs again. Have a good flight back to your home country. 


Items to bring with you

  • Sleeping bag & Liner sheet

  • Thermarest mattress

  • Rain gear

  • Down jacket & Windbreaker

  • Daypack

  • trekking socks

  • Sun hat

  • Gloves

  • Sun glasses

  • Sun cream with high protection - lipstick

  • Flashlight or headlamp

  • Personal medical kit

  • Camera & extra battery for the camera.

Temperatures: please note that there can be large variations in temperatures. In the daytime it can be very hot and a thin layer of clothing will be comfortable but long sleeves protect will you from the sun’s rays. At night, it can be cold so a layered approach is best. Predicting temperatures is very hard but they could range between 5°C and + 25°C. Rainfall in the Pamirs at this time of year is not expected but dust storms are. Please take a waterproof layer just in case.

“Other custom-designed tours can be planned to meet your needs or wishes.”

Price & date on request


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